Q. Why shouldn't I buy my dress online if it is cheaper?

A. Be sure to order your dress from an authorized bridal salon for the designer you choose. Be aware of online gown copies at greatly reduced prices. Notice these sites will look almost exactly like 4 or 5 others with the same format but with different names. Commuication with them is very difficult due to the fact that they are located overseas in a different time zone. CAUTION read the very fine print about return policies.

You don't want to be asking yourself these questions:

1. Why doesn't my dress look like the picture? It is missing crinolin for shape.

2. Why doesn't it fit? I normally wear a 10.

3. Where did all of the sequins, beads and appliques go? Not lost in shipping!!!

4. Why does the fabric wrinkle so badly when I sit? Because of the fabric quality?

5. Why don't the crystals shine? They look cloudy.